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Sweat, blood and screams. Oh my!

Alright, so, Halloween is fast approaching, and I’m probably more excited than I should be. I’m working, for the second year, at a haunted house called Night Terrors. This year, we’re bigger and better, and it’s a little under two weeks before the screams start. If anyone in or near Jacksonville reads my blog, and I’m hoping there are a fair number, you’d be missing out on one of the best haunts in the country if you don’t come out.

Anyway, Orientation was yesterday, and I got to see a lot of fresh blood, which, knowing me, means there will be a lot more people to get annoyed with me, and I’m strangely fine with that. Of course, I got to see the people that were there last year, and the guy who got me the job in the first place, Rob.

Also, I’m really going to try to stick with the phrase I say every time I see someone from last year. (“We should hang out outside of the haunt”) Maybe my procrastination will get put on hold and I’ll actually do that. Maybe.

There’s not a whole lot else going on except for me getting a papercut from a cardboard box a little bit ago. Is it still called a papercut if it’s not from paper? Cardboard cut? Some kind of minor injury.

For a little over a month, I’ll probably ot be posting any blogs, except maybe after dress rehearsal, but I may forget again.

Oh! I almost forgot. My birthday was somewhat recently, and I completely forgot to blog about it. </hipster>

My best friend Chelsea decided she was sick of me deciding I want a tea party for my birthday, and then backing out the day before, so she threw me The Tea Party of Inside Jokes, which included little kid’s plastic tea set, balloons, sparkling grape juice, and a lot of “Awww, I hate you in a loving way” emotion. I think I may have some of the cheesiest friends in the city, but they’re still better than yours.


Unnecessary update on semi-serious topics

I know it hasn’t even been a week since I last wrote a log, but I guess this is essentially a “pity me and my hardships” kinda blog.

Or at least it’ll start out that way.

So, two and a half weeks ago, give or take, my computer took a shit on it’s self and I lost every tiny scrap of information I ┬áhad on it.┬áMost of this was music, pictures, games, old school work, etc., so it wasn’t the loss of the century, but there was one document that I had on there that I’d been working on for a while that I now have to backtrack considerably on.

I’m writing a book. I’ve been afraid to officially say it’s going to be a book, as I though that would make me lose my motivaion and/or creative spark, but I’m through kidding myself. I have enough scenes in my head to turn this into a good-sized book, and my every intention is to do so.

Well, when I’d finally gotten a working computer (my old desktop) I’d had about 4.5k words finished on my story. By the end of that week, I had nearly 20k added to that, and I was ecstatic, as you could possibly imagine. Being, like, 500 words away from the halfway mark of your first word count goal is pretty exciting when you’ve only ever written, like, 400 words before giving up.

Well, my luck ran out shortly before I found my flash drive and something in my computer fried. And I lost those nearly 20k words.

I’m not going to lie, I cried.

It’s kind of like having someone wreck your 5 ft sandcastle at the beach. You spend hours working on it, letting the elements kill whatever chance you had of not getting skin cancer, only for the life guards to run straight over it in their hoity-toity beach truck, or the mean kid you went to preschool with in ’74 bulldozes it, because that’s what he does. He bulldozes things. Because he never finished high school. Because he failed out of algebra. Because his mom was an alcoholic. And that’s why he stole your pudding at snack time.

I do have my very own laptop again, and I’m back to writing once more. Now I just have to remember what the hell I wrote before.