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Grow a seed, change a law.

I am livid. This isn’t my normal “rant for five minutes” anger, this is full blown, make-an-activist-look-sane rage. I can’t even explain to you how absolutely, mind-blowingly angry I am at some recent information I found. I will probably rant for weeks about this.

As some of you may know, I decided to plant a vegetable garden. Spring is basically here, with maybe one more frost before the state warms to its usually balmy 90+ degrees, and I’ve already gotten my garden underway. Currently, I’ve already planted mint, bush beans, parsley, strawberries, tomatoes (being kept indoors), an apple tree sprout, and I’ve still got basil, cucumbers, lettuce and celery left waiting to be nestled in a dirt bed. Since I don’t have sufficient sunlight in my back yard, everything’s being grown in pots in the front yard. Mobile, compact, and easy.

Anyway, I had planned, if all goes well this growing season, to transform half of my front yard into a wondrous Eden of edible foliage. I wanted a dozen or so of each plant, resting comfortable in raised beds in full sunlight by May of 2014. According to the city, this can’t happen.

“Why not” you ask? “Vegetable gardens are lovely” you say? Of course they are. However, according to city ordinances in countless cities across the country, vegetable gardens just aren’t “suitable”, and since they aren’t “suitable”, this means the city can levy a fine of $500 a day against you until you rip up what you worked hard to put down.

$500 because we, the public, don’t want to pay out the nose for mass-produced, nearly-rotten food. They don’t care if you pay thousands of dollars a year for plush green grass. They don’t care if you want twenty-three rose bushes. They DO care if you’ve got half a dozen crops. This has got to stop.

If you want to help make a difference, help homeowners have the right to grow their own food, sign this and let your voice be heard.