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I like pretty things.

I’m not ashamed to say that, like almost every other girl alive, I love pretty, shiny things. I guess I share that trait with squirrels, too.

While I get distracted by said pretty things almost constantly, I do have my standards. Unlike a lot of women, I don’t have much use for a lot of expensive metals, or diamonds. I prefer jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, or hand made.

For instance, a friend of mine I met last year at the haunted house makes these lovely adornments that, for lack of a better term, rock.

Vintage, gothy, cute, punky, whatever your fancy, she’s really good at matching styles.

Another favorite is something I’d blogged about before, but I just can’t get enough of. Critters are just too adorable, in the lovely creepy way, to pass up. They’re cuddly, they’re pretty, and they’re the perfect gift for your little Wednesday.

Or, you know, your favorite blogger. Have I mentioned how much my readers mean to me?

There are also some local shops and such that I like going to, like Aphotic Crypt, which you can order things online from, as well. They sell contacts and body jewelry, and a few local artists sell their goods in the shop, as well.

I’m always on the lookout for new shops and new indie creators. I like nifty stuff.


These are a few of my favorite things

My interests are, to put it lightly, eclectic. I never really ‘grew up’ and, let’s be completely honest, I don’t really plan to. So, I thought I’dshare some of my favorite things with my lovely readers in the hopes that we can connect on a deeper, more intimate level.


1.) Stuffed Animals

Now, as a 90’s kid, I had my share of Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids and the like, but my favorite toys were always the ones that looked like an Addams would have designed it. I’m sure you know the ones I’m talking about. The teddy bears with the purposefully missing ears, stuffed bunnies with X’s for eyes, or some generic animal with mismatched buttons eyes and a broken felt heart sewn onto it’s chest.

These are called Critters. Hand designed, hand sewn, and totally adorable. Every Critter can be ordered sans buttons, if you decide you want to sacrifice your happiness and buy one of these for a child instead of yourself, and, if you’re anything like me, these little squishies are pretty much irresistible.

Where can I get one? You’ll inevitably ask after seeing those lovable faces. Well, readers, you’re in luck! Critters can be adopted online at 

Just be careful you don’t become a Critter hoarder. Or do, your choice.

2.) Books!

I am an avid, but picky reader. I love fantasy novels above all else, and a really good fantasy book can make you forget that you have a job… and a life… and responsibilities. For instance, my favorite authors are David Eddings, and Anne McCaffrey. If you’re a fan of fantasy and you haven’t heard of either of them you’re definitely missing out. Like, living under a rock missing out. Seriously, dude, do you even know what paper is, or is that too young for you?


I’m sure any of you who know me are totally unsurprised that this is in my list, but hey, not everyone knows me. I am a coffee fiend. Not a snob, though. Honestly, Starbucks can suck my beans. But I do love me some flavored coffees. Harmony Bay makes an absolutely DELICIOUS hazelnut creme coffee. Imagine a cloud from heaven descended with a single, enormous golden hazelnut, fragrant as can be, and Harmony Bay ground it down, cloud and all and sold it. That’s this coffee.

Also, while Dunkin’ Donuts was helping promote for the newish MIB movie, they had that black cocoa creme iced coffee that was “out of this world”. Haha. Ha. I’m funny.

But yes, this:

Was the most delicious surprise my best friend had ever woken me up with. When I heard they weren’t selling them anymore, I nearly smashed the drive-thru menu.

Oh sweet coffee. Come back to me one day, that I may devour your deliciousness.

Ahem. On with the list. Last but not least

4.) Vidyagamez!!

So, I’m not the most adamant gamer in the world, by far, but there are some games that make me as happy as a clam. Usually, I stick to RPGs, since most FPSs bring out the wuss in me, but, like all rules, there are exceptions. My all time favorite would definitely be Final Fantasy 7, with 8 and 9 coming in close behind. I’ve also been known to show people my pokemanz. When I have access to a decent computer, I like to vent my rage by killing pixelated bad guys on the MMO City of Heroes. Something about fighting fake crime just makes me feel important. There’s also Portal, Halo and Half-life, though I’m not very good at any of them, and some very old PSX games, which are, like the FF games, played on an emulator on my laptop. In the PC category, we have Neverwinter Nights, which, if you haven’t played, but you like games like Dungeon Siege and Diablo, I’d recommend, and The Sims. They’ve gotten progressively more addicting as each game comes out, and I find myself geeking out over almost very change. Like when they added a fountain building tool thingy. I got so excited, my best friend had to slap me and tell me to shut it. I’m too broke to afford any of the expansions, but I can entertain myself just fine playing God on the base games.

Well, now you know a few of my obsessions. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you like to waste your life with.